Your task is simple…retrieve the Phoenix Eye, an extremely rare and priceless gem from the Temple ruins. As you move within the Temple, along the treacherous journey lies great riches but also grave danger. The Temple will not willingly give you its treasures. Not only must you fight against the Temple denizens that seek your death, you must also be wary of traps laid by previous explorers. You have the map, your instructions are clear; do you have what it takes…do you have the skill to capture the Phoenix Eye?

Temple Tantrum is an exploration, arcade-type game being developed by Five Fans Productions, Inc. (previously developed and released by Jeff Hester with Ground Zero Software, Inc years ago.) Your ultimate goal is to complete all levels in the game, gathering as many gems, treasures and other goodies as you go. You must stay alive to eventually try your best at retrieving the Phoenix Eye. ‘Temple’ will contain over 100 different levels, consisting of several different divisions. Your journey begins in the courtyard but will take you through the garden, fire, maze, dungeon, tower, and treasure levels. There are also plenty of bonus levels along the way through which you can gather plenty of extra goodies.